The best video baby monitor of 2022: opinions and purchase advice

Baby monitors serve a singular purpose: to bring peace of mind to parents, especially nervous new ones. Each of the models reviewed here transmits both audio and video, allowing moms and dads to keep their eyes and ears on their sleeping little ones, so they can get things done or just get a good night’s sleep.

But these nursery essentials can be just as finicky as the babies they control. And like virtually any other home appliance, they are becoming more capable and complex. In addition to conventional video baby monitors that use a camera and handheld LCD screen, often called a “parent unit,” there are also now Wi-Fi-enabled systems that connect to your home network and use your smartphone. as display and controller, just like DIY home security cameras. These latest models offer HD video, smart alerts, and the ability to monitor your child from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

To help you find the best video baby monitor for your family’s needs, we’ve outlined some key features to look for and will continue to share our test results. Here are our current top picks, followed by a buyers guide to help you identify your wants and needs if our picks don’t match what you’re looking for. And if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find links to all of our latest video baby monitor reviews.

The best video baby monitor

Artificial intelligence enables this camera to detect and warn parents when babies are in potentially dangerous sleep situations, such as when their faces are covered or they are sleeping on their stomachs. It also has the unique ability to recognize when a baby is sitting in their crib or smiling, and will take a photo that you can save in a scrapbook. The cute industrial design is just icing on the cake.


Eufy Security’s SpaceView Baby Monitor doesn’t have all the great features of our top pick, but many sleep-deprived parents may prefer a simpler yet highly capable system for monitoring their baby when they can’t be in the same room. This camera can also pan and tilt to provide a view of the entire nursery.

What to look for when buying a video baby monitor

If our top picks don’t match your budget or needs, this guide will help you understand all the features you’ll find in your search for the perfect video baby monitor, so narrow down the field to find exactly what you’re looking for. for.

Motion and audio Sensors: In the old days, parents were forced to put up with a constant ambient hiss from their audio monitors as they listened to their child’s movements or cries. Fortunately, many modern baby monitors will remain in “silent mode” until motion and/or sound is detected, triggering an alert, such as activating the portable video screen or sending a notification to your smartphone.

wisenet babyview eco Hanwha Techwin Wisenet

The Wisenet BabyView Echo screen can be battery operated and only activates when the camera detects sound.

Rechargeable batteries: Since the camera will most likely remain focused on your bundle of joy, it may remain plugged into AC power. But the screens of the parent unit are designed to be always on and to carry with you as you move from room to room. That can drain batteries quickly. Look for a parent unit that runs on rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to constantly change them.

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