Smartphone controlled gadgets for more fun

Our phones can now do many things that we never imagined. Here’s a list of some fun new gadgets, all controlled by smartphones.

With our smartphones, we can check our crypto wallets, use social media, take images as good as those taken by professional cameras, and much more. Apart from that, there is much more we can achieve with them. Plus, we can ride and control robots, as well as cool gadgets, to brighten our day or even collect data for research. Such devices always increase the amount of fun you can have with a smartphone. That is why we have compiled a list of the best smartphone controlled gadgets that will blow your mind.

1. Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Castable and Portable WiFi Fish Finder

Simply pull out your Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ for quick information on depth and water temperature. When you retrieve your Deeper PRO+, you recognize the fish-friendly features, including the humps, troughs, and marginal platform. You will notice how diverse the vegetation is.
The deeper water also helps determine if the bottom is hard or soft and if it contains gravel or silt. You can even find the fish using the Deeper PRO+ sonar. As a result, if you have baited a spot, you can monitor whether the fish are standing still or moving. With Deeper PRO Plus, you will have all the information you need to catch the perfect fish you have always wanted.

2. POWERUP 4.0: The Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

You can sit in the pilot’s seat of a spectacular paper plane that performs high-speed stunts. The Bluetooth module is linked to your phone. In addition, it provides autopilot control for a wide variety of airplane models A 30-minute charge lets you keep your plane in the air for 10 minutes and 230 feet!
Your plane will spend a lot of time in the air because it can travel up to 20 mph (32 km/h). Plus, you can plug the included micro USB cable into a charging port and start planning your next adventure.

3. DEERC radio controlled cars and DE36W remote control car

Enjoy your time with this RC truck. Not only can it be controlled with a smartphone, but it also takes amazing pictures with its camera. You can view clear pictures and movies from the phone app thanks to the 720p HD Wi-Fi camera and first-person view streaming. Also, the 45° adjustable angle extends your shooting range.
It has advanced anti-slip tires, shock absorbers and anti-collision beams. Plus, it has high-speed throttle response and responsive steering. This provides assistance for unexpected drops and unstable ground surfaces. On a full charge, each 7.4V 1000mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery can provide up to 25-30 minutes of playtime. Speeds of up to 12 mph (20 km/h) are possible thanks to the two powerful motors.

4. Cheerwing U12S Mini Remote Control Helicopter

The Cheerwing U12S will help you have the most enjoyable helicopter ride imaginable. In addition, it will allow you to capture magnificent photographs with the camera on your phone. Just press a key to start the flight. This little helicopter will take off and hover at a predetermined height. Also, it will stick around even if you’re not actively controlling it. This is due to the altitude hold function.
In addition, it also has two speed settings. This makes it suitable for pilots of all levels. In addition, it has a metallic structure and flexible blades. These can withstand dozens of collisions. Therefore, this small helicopter is more sturdy and durable.

5. Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robotic Ball

Sphero SPRK+ is a programmable robotic ball that can be controlled with a smartphone. Encourage creativity and curiosity through coding and games. A gyroscope, accelerometer, motor encoders, and colored LED lights are among the SPRK+’s configurable sensors. This allows for a wide range of gaming experiences and coding scenarios. With the Sphero Edu app, you can program SPRK+ on a variety of platforms using JavaScript.
Plus, for double the fun, download the Sphero Play app to drive and play with your coding bot. It’s also scratch-resistant, waterproof, and uses Bluetooth SMART to connect to your smartphone. This allows you to see your commands and ideas come to life.

6. Brookstone Rover 2.0 App Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

you can ride your futuristic SpyTank with your phone at any time of the day or night. This device has its own Wi-Fi wireless connection. Therefore, it can travel up to 200 feet without obstacles. Additionally, it can reach up to 100 feet (30 meters) around walls and into adjoining rooms.
You can easily move around and watch through Rover’s built-in video camera using the on-screen driving controls. Use G-Drive mode to navigate using your device’s accelerometer as a steering wheel for more realistic adventures. Rover 2.0 includes a built-in microphone and speaker. This allows you to hear what you hear and respond accordingly. Rover 2.0 gives you a set of eyes and ears you can use anywhere!

7. xArm 6DOF Robotic Metal Programmable Arm

The xArm 1S is a desktop robotic arm. It has an ARM core CPU, built-in Bluetooth, and 16MB of storage. It can perform a variety of robotic grasping and sorting tasks. It is ideal for creating projects. Also, it is ideal for bionic robot education and robotic automation demonstrations.
It has powerful and reliable smart bus servos. In addition, it has position and voltage feedback functions. In addition, it has a newly designed mobile application so that it can be controlled by smartphone. Therefore, the user interface is now easier to use. Also, you can modify the rotation angle and posture manually when designing actions.

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