Game Salads to pay $500,000 dollars for Tizen porters and developers game.

As you’ll have noticed: Tizen and it’s apps are burning hot and yet another competition has been fired up! This time it’s directed at GameSalad developers so they’ll be ignited to port their apps to Tizen and to a store next to your device. GameSalad is using half a million us dollars to make developers cross to this platform as well! As over 700,000 developers have used the GameSalad platform before it’s an established player to the market.
This incentive program has funds of a capped $500,000, money that will be used to hand over awards and prices to developers that will enable their game to run on Tizen. Developers joining this challenge will also receive a GameSalad Pro license for 3 months. This license would normally cost $75 for that period, based on a normal fee of $300.

“The Tizen incentive program is open to all 700,000 GameSalad developers,” GameSalad CEO Steve Felter told VentureBeat. “This program is very attractive to the best GameSalad developers who have built high-quality applications for iOS and Android app stores. Our Tizen team is committed to bringing the best applications for the new platform and are willing to pay dearly for the game with the highest appscores.”

For this challenge GameSalad teamed up with appbackr to decide which games will be the most successful and have broad appeal. Appbackr uses it’s “appscores” tool to judge as fair and as successful as can be. Appscore is designed by Appbackr to analyze mobile applications.

“A lot of games are eligible to receive hundreds of dollars in the form of incentives. The best applications get up to $1,800,” Felter said. “This is a big deal for developers and a great way to make sure Tizen has the highest quality apps available at launch.”

“GameSalad and appbackr together help to reset the value proposition for independent developers. These are looking for ways to bring their applications to the new platform. We help them by providing incentives that are calibrated for getting the best applications” said Christopher Croteau, managing director for Intel’s software and services in a statement. “Intel is proud to support this bold initiative and in turn to help bringing the best applications for Tizen.”

The program will continue to run until GameSalad has fully spent the $500,000, and also welcome Tizen collection of games that are ported from iOS and Android.

“We anticipate that most of the applications is the result of a game that has been ported successfully from the Apple and Google app stores,” Felter said. “Our developer community has issued over 30,000 games to the Apple Store and the majority of the game with the highest score is still available there. One of the benefits of GameSalad is its ability to rapidly develop for all major platforms. With some minor tweaks, developers can take iOS or Android application that exists and turn it into an HTML5 application that is optimized for Tizen. “


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