The Linux Foundation announces five new European members

This is the Linux Foundation press release announcing 5 new members. The companies in question are Above IT, Comarch, CSR, Symbio and Tieto.
These companies join The Linux Foundation to help advance Linux in the enterprise and in mobile computing. They join seven others new members from Europe announced earlier this month and they’re teaming up to collaborate this week at the first LinuxCon Europe taking place in Prague, Czech Republic.
Today’s new Linux Foundation members include:
About it is a Dutch ICT integrator that implements the latest open source technology while optimizing business processes for the small and medium-sized business (SMB), enterprise, government, education, and embedded systems markets.
“Linux is the foundation for all of our open source software development and our business in general. The choice of open source technology is driven by market demand for innovation, agility and continuity of services in sectors such as SMEs, education, industry and government institutions. Above IT recognizes the innovative power of technologies such as open virtualization and open standards as enablers of business agility. By joining The Linux Foundation, we will be able to push our technology to the limits with more direct collaboration with a global community of IT developers, vendors and users,” said Dimitri van der Spek, CEO of AboveIT.
Comarch has been an active player in the mobile and embedded software domains since 2001. Through a variety of projects in the area of ​​mobile software development, integration, quality assurance, interoperability and cross-platform consulting services, Comarch has demonstrated its deep technical knowledge, know-how and understanding of the market. With over 3,500 employees, Comarch can offer flexibility and scalability in building business partnerships and alliances of expertise.
“Linux-based solutions have always been an important part of Comarch’s offering since the company was founded in 1993. We want to share our experience on virtually all Linux variants including desktop, server, cluster, mobile/ embedded and automotive,” said Dariusz Filipski, R&D Director, Open Source, Mobile Solutions and Services, Comarch. “Membership in The Linux Foundation will bring us closer to our business partners as well as the open source communities to enhance our efforts to deliver the best in open technologies.”
CSR is a leading global provider of personal wireless technology, including Bluetooth, GPS, FM and Wi-Fi to industry leaders in consumer electronics, mobile phones and the automotive industry. Its technology has been adopted by market leaders in a wide range of consumer mobile devices. With nearly 3,000 employees and a long-standing leadership position in the Bluetooth market, CSR brings a wealth of knowledge to the Linux community,
“Linux is at the heart of wireless and networking technologies,” said Ahmet Alpdemir, SVP Mobile, CSR. “Our membership of the Linux Foundation will inform our Linux and open source strategies and allow us to collaborate in advancing Linux in this area.”
symbiote is a global software R&D company providing software product engineering to industry leaders in mobile phones, consumer electronics, automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), industrial systems, and Internet and cloud services. The backbone of Symbio’s expertise for consumer devices is a deep understanding of Linux architecture and system performance. Symbio uses a Design Centered Development (DCD) approach coupled with agile programming methods to help its customers meet the growing demand for more user-friendly, user-experience-driven device software. Symbio’s main locations are in China, Finland, Sweden and the US.
“Linux plays a central role in the work we do for our customers developing consumer devices, IVI automotive or industrial systems. Let’s face it, most of the projects we undertake are quite demanding and Linux gives us the flexibility, affordability and technical feasibility to meet those high demands,” said Konsta Hansson, Vice President and General Manager of Symbio. “We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Linux community and to contributing to the promotion, protection, and advancement of the Linux operating system.”

tie to is based in Northern Europe and provides IT services and product engineering. With nearly 18,000 experts on staff, the company is focused on offering specialized IT solutions and services complemented by a strong technology platform.
“The Linux community is global and diverse, representing the interests of businesses and individuals from around the world. We are proud to be part of this community. Membership of the Linux Foundation allows us to formalize our commitment to this community. As a result, our customers, such as network equipment providers, mobile device manufacturers, the automotive industry and smart product engineering companies, can further harness the benefits of this platform,” said Ville Aittomäki, Director of I +D of Thieto’s devices.
“Europe is a hotbed for Linux and open source business and development, which is why we created LinuxCon Europe and why we are so excited to welcome more members from this region,” said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and programs. of development of The Linux Foundation. “We look forward to collaboration opportunities with AboveIT, Comarch, CSR, Symbio and Tieto this week and next year.”

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