4 Steps To Organically Growing Your Instagram Account From 0 To 1000 Followers In 90 Days

Instagram business accounts were launched for this reason. An Instagram business account includes advanced features designed to help you understand your customers and bring people to your website. FIJI Water, for example, partnered with Instagram influencer @weworewhat to expand their brand reach using the hashtag #bodyworewhat. From a brand awareness perspective, this campaign has been extremely successful, attracting over 235,000 likes from 25 posts on Instagram. Ideally, your hashtag will serve as a mini call-to-action.

Include Instagram information in internal newsletters and notify employees about relevant posts. It may take them a while to catch on, but it is an excellent way of showing off corporate culture while increasing comments and likes. Once they’ve browsed your posts, they’ll move on to another page – unless you lead them on a worthwhile mission. Read more about buy instagram fans here. This could be as simple as directing users to Instagram Stories, where they can see updates on special events or limited-time sales. This impact is enhanced tenfold because Reels allows your followers to engage with your videos publicly through comments and likes since they can get posted on your Reels Feed.

No wonder the easiest way to grow on Instagram is leveraging IG Stories to build your brand. The golden rule of every corporate Instagram strategyis quality over quantity. Remember who you’re speaking to, be patient, and your followers will reward you back.

Jumping on the latest trends for the sake of it and causing damage to your brand. Trend hijacking can go very wrong if you miss the sentiment of a trend and leverage it simply to get more followers. Be careful to use trending hashtags sparingly and in conjunction with your regular string of branded and industry-specific hashtags to avoid any backlash.

The platform’s visual nature allows companies to humanize their business by showing behind the scenes and allowing followers to interact through stories and polls. Be realistic in identifying your audience.Understand that your follower base is not always your customer. We’d love to think that our posts are so interesting that our followers are converting into customers—and that our customers love us so much that they’re following us on Instagram.

Instagram does not specify that if you get X number of followers it then opens you up for paid posts. And while we don’t have a specific benchmark we do know the number is high and it varies from account to account. If you remember in a previous post we discussed hashtags and their purpose, that is to group the content on Instagram into categories. Hashtags help users find posts that are grouped under the same topic.

Clarity, creativity, and consistency are king for enterprises aiming to build brand awareness on Instagram. Long captions have become a bit of a trend, first adopted by influencers who use Instagram captions like micro-blogs. For inspiration, follow innovative Instagram storytellers such as Airbnb, Red Bull, Lego, Patagonia, and Nike.

Another way to start growing an Instagram following is by following trending hashtags, and engaging in the content when it’s relevant. Whether it’s the egg that cracked the internet, or the season finale of GOT, engaging in trending topics is the best way to get your content seen by the maximum amount of people possible. In just twelve months we saw a massive 10x growth period. Thanks to the incredible content being created by our contributors, our social team gets to share content that resonates with our audience.

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