Regarding the initial announcement that he was retiring from … Having recently celebrated their 20th anniversary of forming Senses Fail, the band is gearing up for the summer release ofHell is in Your Head, via Pure Noise Records. Falling victim to the dreaded vinyl production delays, Senses Fail has been teasing their new record since November ’21, but they promise the wait will be worth it. There’s no better time than ever to revisit Senses Fail’s storied discography to build up to their next album. Nostalgia is fun, but melodic hardcore is also having a real moment right now. Here are five great newer songs we recommend if you like this kind of stuf…

Gemtracks is a marketplace for original beats and instrumental backing tracks you can use for your own songs. Motley Crue has a handful of covers in their catalog, but their take on Brownsville Station’s “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” is, by far, their best. The cover was their lead single from ‘Theatre of Pain’ and would peak at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Before the pandemic, The Stadium Tour was setting itself up to be one of the highlights of the summer, and it’s looking like that’s still the case. One of the most interesting aspects of this tour is Motley Crue’s return to the road after famously blowing up their ‘cessation of touring agreement’ and the ongoing buzz related to singer Vince Neil being in touring shape. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, we’re well aware Lorde isn’t out there making music for dudes like Jon and me but pop music should at least be interesting enough to get stuck in your head.

Notable for featuring a then-unknown Kelly Nickels on bass, who would later go on to join L.A. The album actually features the recording of the song “Shoot For Thrills ” written by Nickels, which would also appear on L.A. Sweet Pain was a decent glam rock band that literally disappeared overnight.

Danger Danger released their self-titled debut in 1989 and with the help of MTV had success with the single “Naughty Naughty”. The band mixed a lighter keyboard sound with glam metal to offer a radio-friendly sound. They didn’t release their second album until 1991 and by then the 80s metal genre was already in decline due to changing tastes in music.

The fact that there are some metal fans who are unaware of Accept is a sad commentary on the American heavy metal scene. There are many great German metal bands that should have had a bigger impact on America, like Kreator, Destruction, Helloween, and Sodom. Accept probably had as much success in the United States as any German band, with the exception of Scorpions. Even with that moderate success, there are many who know the band only through the provocatively titled Balls To The Wall song and album. The band has re-united in the past couple of years without lead singer Udo Dirkschneider and has put out a new album with former TT Quick singer Marc Tornillo providing the vocals.

Considering how talented St. John was, he barely laid any music to tape in his lifetime. For that reason alone, if you’re a fan of Hair and Glam Metal, White Tiger is one worth hunting down. Featuring vocalist Jeni Foster, Princess Pang was an exciting glam metal band that played sleazy hard rock. Unfortunately, they only released one album, the self-titled release in 1989.

Altogether 10 albums and almost 30 years of exemplary musicianship. I just listened to their 2015 album and what can I say? Similarly to other people, I’m also beginning to think that Blind Guardian are comparable to Maiden and Priest in terms of quality and consistency. For the most part all of their albums are underrated, by people that aren’t big korn fans, but a bit overrated for the people who are big korn fans.

Led by vocalist Warrel Dane and guitarist Lenny Rutledge, Sanctuary hit the scene as a thrashy power metal band. The album was produced by Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and was well-received by metal fans. The band would release the album “Into The Mirror Black” before disbanding. Warrel Dane would go on to form the band Nevermore with Jeff Loomis. Sanctuary reunited for two more albums before Dane’s death in 2017.

Tyketto was formed in 1987 by former Waysted vocalist Danny Vaughn. The band released their first album Don’t Come Easy in 1991. They would go on to release the albums Strength in Numbers , Shine , Dig in Deep , and Reach .

Read more about here. Restless and Wild was released in Europe in 1982 and the US in 1983. Nearly 30 years later this album holds up as well as any 1980’s metal album. The best tracks are Fast As A Shark; Restless and Wild, Princess of the Dawn, Flash Rockin’ Man, Ahead of the Pack.

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