Parakeet Care

Birdbaths, ponds, and water dishes are wonderful ways to ensure your backyard birds are hydrated. Use a “water-wiggler” or similar device to keep the water from becoming stagnate and home to bacteria and mosquito larvae. Think about purchasing a heated birdbath in the colder months so the water doesn’t freeze. Lastly, the water should be shallow enough for birds to stand in.

Never frighten your bird, or do anything that might scare them because then you will not be able to bond with them. If your bird follows you around the house, it is because it is delighted in your company and just wants to be around you all the time. If you hear your bird trying to sing or say any words, no matter how simple, this is a great sign of affection. Read more about buy IG Likes here. If your bird likes you, it will try to reproduce words you say, whether they mean something to them or not. If you notice this, you are in luck because your bird adores you. Birds can use their beaks to express different things.

Because birds are so intelligent and active, they can’t always handle sitting in a cage all day. If birds don’t have the opportunity to play with and destroy toys, get out of their cages, or exercise, they might resort to mischief, excessive screaming, or self-mutilation. Some pet birds seem to love a grand session of loud vocalization and play at dawn and dusk. Sometimes the bird/human relationship needs some professional help.

When it comes to the parakeet temperature, you should know that it is physiologically between 102 and 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Birds can have a fever just like other animals, so if you notice that your budgie is lethargic and feels too warm when you hold it, it might be sick. When it comes to regular or fancy parakeet care, a number of accessories are a must and others; you can do without.

Here is an example of what it may look like, but with my greenwing, the behavior is very animated. Some people think this is cute because it shows that they, the human, are the preferred object of their affection. I discourage this behavior for many reasons and one reason is not wanting birdie barf on my clean shirt as I’m trying to get out the door for work. Another is the fact that I don’t want to encourage this behavior with my bird because I cannot and do not want to carry out this behavior with my bird.

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