How To Sell On Instagram Through Your Content, Without Feeling ‘salesy’

Try to capture your company culture with lifestyle shots and behind-the-scenes looks. Variety will show your brand is diverse and engage your followers in different ways. For this reason, it’s common for businesses to update their featured URL to align with their most recent post. If you decide to add a link, be sure to use a link shortener like HubSpot’s Tracking URL builder or a tool like Bitly,, or to keep your profile from looking cluttered.

After having worked in branding and marketing in multinational companies across Asia, Middle East, and Europe for over 17 years, she started her own businessIgnite Marketingin 2016. Her mission is to help and coach small business owners to achieve their business objectives through digital marketing. You can find her sharing tips and thoughts onLinkedIn,Twitter,Pinterest, andInstagram. To take this strategy of relationship-building to the next level, you can also include a lead magnet in your blog post.

For example, a Toronto-based coffee shop would want to use hashtags like #specialtycoffee , #coffeeshopvibes , and #TOcoffee or #coffeelovers . Then, you can add location specific hashtags, like #spadina, #chinatownTO, or even #toronto. But there’s also something to be said about how influencers with different follower sizes are perceived. While Instagram influencers have attained a sort of “celebrity status,” micro-influencers are more like everyday consumers, so they tend to be very relatable and trustworthy. Influencer marketing may have grown in popularity thanks to Instagram, but you may not need thousands of dollars to cash in on this trend. Beyond Views, Likes, and Comments, you can also see your audience retention rate, which is how many people watched your video all the way to the end.

Read more about buy IG Followers here. Photos are the most-engaging content on the Web, with visual posts producing 650% higher engagement than text only posts. It follows that Instagram is a great platform to engage your fans and keep them coming back for more. Instagram is undeniably one of the most important social channels around, and we’re positive that any marketer not yet using it is missing out on something big. With more and more people spending time at least once a day on Instagram, marketing on the popular social media platform can be worth the time and effort. However, just like with any other digital channels, it takes strategy. If you want people to continue to like and comment on your brand’s content, you need to engage with them when they do so.

Now, instead of including a screenshot of their feed to stories, users can easily share the post with the new re-share feature. In other words, don’t stress out too much about posting your Instagram Stories at optimal times… Unless you’re looking for immediate engagement, in which case posting when your followers are most active will definitely help. A great strategy for this is to incorporate both photos and videos into your carousel post. For example, you can lead off with a promotional video that shows your product in action, and then follow up with 2-3 photos of your product for more context. While not quite as popular as photos, video posts on Instagram tend to receive a lot of engagement, so it makes sense to include them in your marketing mix.

Use content for ads that will be engaging and appealing to your target audience. One way to source user-generated content is by holding a competition that uses a branded hashtag. Users create content about brand, using your unique hashtag. You can also tag the users who created the content you share, which helps build a closer relationship with your audience through a close-knit community. Use tools like Canva and InVideo to edit images and videos to make them branded and stand out. Other functions include tagging other accounts, adding a location GIF, music, poll, a countdown sticker to a product launch or special event, and let people ask questions.

Since Instagram’s creation, it’s become THE platform for sharing visual content like photos and videos. More than 60 million photos are posted each day, and 1.6 billion daily likes are given out on the platform. Although Instagram doesn’t offer the ability to optimize for followers the way Facebook does, you still can use advertising to build a quality audience. Here are five steps that we recommend to help brands grow followers on Instagram through paid promotion. As you can see, Instagram is a powerful tool for connecting with your brand’s target audience. But with so many businesses marketing their products, it’s important to stand out.

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