7 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need To Know In 2022

Social media sites are adjusting to this by increasingly offering bite-size content options such as short-form videos and ephemeral content. People who access social media content on their computer tend to spend slightly more time on each piece of content than those on mobile devices. But this social media trend is also creating millions of mini empires for folks with large followings on Instagram and YouTube. Which is not just impacting how businesses approach digital marketing.

Instagram Comment to DM Automation Feature – InstaChamp also lets you set up keywords in your Instagram posts that will trigger an automated DM, similar to the feature mentioned above. Shortly after the platform began testing the return of its chronological feed. Not too long ago, it seemed that posting a bad quality or blurry photo to Instagram was a serious transgression.

Instagram and Facebook have been a platform where users discover most of the products they end up buying. Crossposting is another one of the Instagram trends which is very popular. When you create a post, and if you can share the same post/content across multiple platforms, you are crossposting, and this trend is increasing. At the end of the day, Instagram is about sharing beautiful pictures and short videos. The majority of users nowadays use filters to make Instagram trending posts.

These were the 8 Instagram trends that you need to pay attention to in the year 2022. They will help you grow your audience and even gain exposure that will benefit your account. When it comes to Instagram trends, they are all about the content, the content creators, effects, filters, creativity, videos, reels and so much more.

Vertical video has become a major part of some of the biggest social media channels around today. Thanks to the rise of more “raw” and authentic video options like Facebook Live, and of course, Instagram Live, people online have grown used to watching their videos in vertical mode. Not only that, but the vertical option is way better for the 52.2% of people who do all their browsing on their smartphone.

TikTok is a social media platform that is dedicated to short-form videos. Younger people are significantly more likely to shop on social media platforms. Every brand and creator seeks high engagement with their content but it’s often difficult to consistently make it happen. Luckily, carousel posts may provide a path to increased engagement. Take advantage of users’ increased video consumption and publish live content that people can view in the moment or any time they’re in the app.

In the comment section of any given Reel, you’ll see an option to create a Reel of your own; that video reply will then appear as a sticker. These Add Yours stickers give a formal structure and filing system for something that was already happening across Stories and Posts. Instagram certainly didn’t invent the idea of photo or video challenges, but these new stickers codify the experience. Over the course of 2020 and 2021, the use of Instagram Live got a serious bump. Trying to keep up with Instagram’s constantly shifting algorithm can be incredibly challenging, and the decline of organic reach has been well-documented for years. One minute, you’re on top of the charts; the next, your engagement has dropped so low that you’re wondering if you’ve been shadow-banned and you’re contemplating buying some Instagram followers.

Read more about buy Instagram Followers here. Most creators and brands won’t see anywhere near that number of likes. Read this post if you’re interested in learning more about InstaChamp by MobileMonkey and all the amazing features it has to grow your small business. Automating instagram is becoming more and more popular, so get in on the action while you still can. It’s a great idea to start automating your instagram now that way you’re ahead of the trend and you get to take advantage of the growth trends that favor early adopters.

After all, building a cohesive aesthetic is still one of the best ways to grow your brand’s Instagram followers . Also, users have become more discerning of the story behind the photo and have become better at reading between the feeds. Thus, unconventionally truthful posts and feeds are coming across as legit, relatable, and believable. No longer relegated to shopping for products from businesses, Instagram now offers several ways for customers to convert without leaving the app. In 2020, Instagram Shop was extended to all business accounts, offering customers a way to save, purchase, and checkout in the app. To support Shop, product tags are available not just on posts but also in stories and Live broadcasts.

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