10 Blogging Tips To Capture The Right Audience And Keep Them

On the other hand, consistent posting will assure them that you’ll continue to post on a regular basis, and that means that their ad will be seen. From my experience, even low pricing does not make up for a lack of impressive stats. I know from my experience trying to sell ads at Traffikd and from seeing countless other bloggers running huge discounts and special on ads that attract only meager interest.

Now, let’s take a look at the eight key strategies I’ve used to grow my own blog’s traffic to more than 584,000 monthly readers. You can find relevant groups by typing your topic keywords into a Facebook search and then selecting the “Groups” tab. However, if your target audience is primarily men looking to build strength from a “caveman” diet, this blog won’t be a good fit. Alltop categorizes thousands of blogs using hundreds of different topics, and you can easily find the relevant categories to your blog by using the search feature. You won’t have to lurk for hours in comment threads to get this information, but you will finally feel that your target audience is more fact than fiction.

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds when reviewing research, reports and studies. Always keep your focus on teasing out insights that’ll help in your journey of learning how to find your target audience and the ways in which you can best serve them from your blog. All the while I’m constantly learning more about who my readers are and how to find my target audience in exciting, new ways. These are broad topics people interested in the woodworking niche might want to know more about—and are clear category opportunities to prioritize my blog post topics under. Finding influencers in your niche is a good way to also find your target audience—because these people are likely already reaching the audience you also want to tap into. You can see what types of content they post (and how well they’re received by their audience).

For example, a blog about the current state of the White House and possible conspiracy theories within the political system is more likely to draw an educated and primarily older audience. Read more about https://wheon.com/reviews/how-to-attract-the-target-audience-to-the-blog/ here. On the other side, a blog about beauty products and how to apply makeup might be geared more towards a female audience. Again looking at The Next Web as an example, we definitely strive to cover the sort of content that our readers have come to expect us to dish out. However, we also keep in mind that not everyone understands the sort of tech jargon that we might casually throw around by the water cooler, and in that sense, we like to keep things simple. Perhaps the most critical question to ask yourself before beginning your blogging journey is who exactly are you writing to?.

Intersperse shorter, news-based blog posts with long-form content as well as video, infographics and data-driven pieces for maximum impact. In this article, we will look at how to promote your blog posts across several mediums to gain the interest of your target audience, and grow your blog traffic through the roof. Blog commenting on other people’s blog and providing backlinks to your website is one of the best blog marketing strategies available to you. Though commenting may not necessarily translate into more revenue, it increases the visibility and traffic to your business website. You can easily get attention from other readers by embedding a post title back to your blog post which answers some of the questions raised in the current blog post.

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