Amir Khan Rates One Boxer Higher Than Canelo Alvarez

It remains to be seen who emerges from the current welterweight division, with Spence, Crawford and Thurman being the leading candidates , but safe to say, that victor answers the question of who will be the biggest American fighter after Mayweather. Spence, Crawford and Thurman are all undefeated, in their physical primes, have significant punching power, and give hope to American fight fans that boxing will remain in good hands for another generation. The three are fresh blood and can help transfuse a sport that often shies away from its core principle of determining supremacy. Tae, i get what you’re saying but if Spence wins it’ll be another world class fighter that he beat. In a Crawford fight, whoever wins will more than likely be the next superstar in boxing.

He too carries power and a level of toughness that Inoue has yet to face. It’s a fight from a smaller weight class, but from a skill standpoint, there isn’t a better matchup. If Inoue remains as active and destructive (he’s knocked out both of his last two opponents in the first round and each of the previous half-dozen within six rounds) he could feasibly fight three times in 2019 with the final being against Nery.

Only Saul Canelo Alvarez pulls off magic tricks like that. Later that year Whittaker faced off against #1 ranked pound-for-pound boxer on the planet Julio Cesar Chavez, an 87-0 world champion in three divisions already who was seeking a fourth weight class to conquer. After twelve rounds, Whittaker once again found himself robbed of a win after the judges declared the fight a draw despite Whittaker outclassing the Mexican legend in the ring. Arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all time, the late Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whittaker was a world champion in four weight classes and boasts the longest unified lightweight title reign in the division’s history.

Columbus’ Alfred Leisure moved to 3-0 with a first round stoppage of Jessi Hackett – Hackett was unable to make it out of the first round back in December. Super Middleweight Ben Schlater, one of the night’s several Buckeyes, fought to his second draw in three months in Columbus despite looking good against fellow-Ohioan Travis Jerig. Cruiserweight Chris Minor had the tables turned on him in the second round back in December versus Dayton’s Warren Roberds, but he returned to bust up Crestview, Florida’s Cody Herbert (0-1-1) pretty good, in four rounds of action. Minor held on, for a hard-fought split-decision win, as the bloodied Herbert rebounded to fight his way back to earn one of the three cards. Nevertheless, this recent fight with Wilder exhibited his formidable heart and iron-will to win. Hence, to beat Fury a heavyweight may have to do more than just outbox or outmanoeuvre him.

There was still work that needed to be done for Crawford however but it made sense. Read more about buy YT Subscribers here. Adamant fans of Errol Spence Jr. would argue daily with supporters of Terence Crawford. They would scream, shout and more times than not, use every curse word in the book against one another. The main topic of discussion was always the same, their inevitable showdown.

Of course whilst Algieri wants to become a star Manny Pacquiao already is a star and is one of the few global names in boxing. The Filipino icon is a boxing star, a professional basketball player, an actor, a singer, a politician and most importantly a hero to his countrymen. Like Algieri he is one of boxing’s “good guys”, a fighter who respects his opponents, keeps the trash talk to a minimum whilst letting his hands do the talking in the ring. It’s fair to say he’s never going to offend large swathes of the boxing community or say something just to cause controversy. As a prediction we will edge with the younger man, Pacquiao to take a razor thin and highly controversial decision.

Immediately from the opening bell, Klitschko demonstrated that he had far more in the tank than he had displayed against Fury. Even though he was fighting at the almost ancient age of 41, he was light on his feet and used the ring to control the action. Overall, the first four rounds were tense and well-contested, as both fighters had periods of success.

The first two-time winner of the Saturday Night Boxing Referee of the Year – he also did excellent work in 2015’s Huck-Glowacki battle – Fields is clearly one of the best referees working in boxing today. Although most of K2’s top boxers experienced setbacks of one degree or another in 2017, no promotional company rivaled its willingness to make the best events of the year. K2 also put together the wildly successful Superfly card in September, which featured Gonzalez-Sor Rungvisai II and a spectacular fight between Carlos Cuadras and Juan Estrada. Spence dethroning a world champion and Charlo’s metamorphosis into a feared puncher represented a spectacular year for James. The trainer stresses poise, power punching, punch placement and intelligent pressure. His results in 2017 suggest that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the upper levels of boxing.

Rarely do you see two fighters at the peak of their powers, who are pound-for-pound stars in the same weight class actually face one another. Pacquiao bounced back to capture the WBA welterweight title in a victory over Lucas Matthysse on July 15, 2018. On July 20, 2019, he won a split decision over the previously undefeated Keith Thurman to take the WBA super welterweight belt and become, at 40 years old, the oldest welterweight champion in boxing history.

Having “Speedy” Ellis go against a solid, fundamental fighter like Ugas for a belt is the perfect way to start that. This could be a comeback year for combat sports, especially if some of the top contenders raise to the challenge and listen to the fans. Here’s a look at our picks for boxing & MMA fantasy fights we’d pay good money to see in 2022. The unbeaten American had struggled with Barrios’ height and reach advantage but his destructive power was soon on display as he broke down his opponent.

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