With a bunch of major updates added to the platform during 2021, Instagram is quickly taking off and becoming a powerful channel for B2B brands looking to connect with their audience. Read on to uncover the statistics that will help you improve your Instagram marketing strategy. Over the past 12 months, the number of active social media users increased by more than 400 million, an addition of 9.9% for the total number to reach 4.55 billion. As per recent studies, an average person spends 2 hours 24 minutes on social media daily. These estimates are speculated to grow in the coming years because of the increasing popularity of social media among businesses of all sizes.

Of the social media platforms analyzed in a recent study, LinkedIn is the most expensive platform for per-click advertising. With an average CPC rate of $5.26, LinkedIn advertisers pay almost six times what they’d pay on Facebook. 33% of people’s “online time” is spent on a social media site or app. This means that social networks account for a third of the world’s internet usage.

This is why it’s not surprising when Verizon Media revealed that 92% of people watch videos with the sound off when they’re using their mobile devices . What’s more, is as other social sites start to utilize this feature, captions have become a standard among social videos. According to the same Verizon study, consumers want to find captions on videos about tips (55%), food (53%), and news (52%).

Short articles, less than 3,000 words, ranked third in the B2B content assets that generated the best results in the last 12 months. Customers are around four times more loyal to eco-friendly businesses. Website is the #2 channel used in marketing, behind social media. Looking for the latest marketing statistics and trends? To learn more about four types of snackable content your brand should leverage next year, check out this helpful post. The pandemic undoubtedly sped up the rise of “unfiltered” content, as well as “everyday influencers” — such as micro-influencers and nano-influencers.

Industry sources speaking to Business Insider claim that Apple TV+ lacks “a sufficiently robust infrastructure,” resulting in a frustrating corporate culture. Read more about buy Twitter Followers here. The Apple TV+ content team is reportedly under-resourced and has irritated production… WhatsApp is working on letting users conduct polls within groups on the chat platform, the latest beta for iOS has revealed . In a statement obtained by TechCrunch, Apple said that all employees and customers are safe after the “terrifying experience” at Apple Amsterdam in Leidseplein on Tuesday. Typically, Apple provides this information with a search warrant or subpoena from a judge, but that does not apply with emergency requests because they are used in cases of imminent danger.

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